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What is Window Web Hosting


Today, individuals and businesses have to invest a lot of time and energy into creating and maintaining dynamic websites that are truly visually effective.  Those looking for an easier and more efficient way to deal with their content are increasingly turning to Windows hosting.  The availability of Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology in Windows hosting solutions provides for dynamic web pages that can help give your website the best possible presentation and performance.  ASP is a powerful and flexible technology that can provide your site users with a range of interactive page options and functionality that surpasses the norm.  When opting for a Windows hosting package equipped with this dynamic programming technology, you will then have the tools needed to gain an edge on the competition. .

Why Choose Windows Hosting?

When it comes to web hosting, you generally have two options to choose from: Linux or Windows.  These operating systems form the core for a server and are of the utmost importance to the functioning of your website.   Although Linux is dominant in the hosting arena, Windows is becoming more common and now stands firm as a solid number-two option.  For those who are not quite sure of which platform to choose, this article will explain why Windows always makes a great choice.

Tremendous Power and Less Complex

Most Windows hosting packages today are based on either Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008 operating systems.  Designed after Windows NT, these powerful systems enable end-to-end server management with features that provide for scalability and enhanced security.  It also offers a fully integrated environment for web development where the .NET Framework and other Microsoft technologies can be used to create dynamic web pages and applications.  The architecture of Windows has made the platform an efficient tool for integrating various business functions with the internet.

A Microsoft-Friendly Solution

If your website requires the use of Microsoft products like ASP and FrontPage, then Windows hosting makes the perfect solution.  Though officially replaced by Expression Web , the FrontPage clients remains one of the most widely used web design and management tools.  Designed with the novice in mind, this program is very easy to use yet loaded with enough features to help you create an interactive, dynamic website.  While ASP isn’t necessarily geared towards beginners, it tends to be easier to use than other server-side scripting technologies and integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of programming languages.  These features and more attribute to the reputation Windows has earned for being a user-friendly hosting solution.

Wide Ranging Support and Compatibility

The major advantage of Windows hosting is that the platform easily integrates with various Microsoft products.  For example, all components from IIS (Internet Information Services) to the SQL Server database system are designed to support one another.  Due to its immense popularity, several developers have created a number of applications and technologies that are compatible with the Windows platform.  In addition to this, open-source products such as PHP, Perl and MySQL can all be run efficiently on Windows.  The same cannot be said when trying to run ASP or MS SQL on a Linux or Unix server.

Surprisingly Cost Efficient

In terms of cost, Windows hosting has traditionally been a more costly solution than those based on Linux.  This is due to proprietary software licenses owned by Microsoft.  With that said, Windows hosting is generally affordable these days and a feature-rich plan can easily be found for under $10 per month.  In fact, unless you require your own server, this type of plan can actually be just as affordable as the price of a Unix-based package.  Factor in the power and high performance you get from the platform and your money is well spent.


Windows hosting makes a viable option for a broad range of needs.  This platform can provide virtually all the same functionality as Linux and a little more when considering integration with other Microsoft products.  Although you might have to pay a little more, the power and efficiency of the Windows platform outweighs the cost disadvantage by far.



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